Therapy at Canon’s Brown Scapular Program is centered around counseling – individual, family, and peer group – and is designed to help the individual to discover himself or herself, to examine his or her relationship to the rest of  society, and to explore alternatives to lifestyles that encourage substance abuse. This can be a long and difficult process, especially for a person who has been in a rut for some time.

Counselors and others at Canons are aware of this as they try to build with the client a bridge of support based on openness, genuine concern for the individual, and respect for his or her humanity. Although counseling is central to the treatment process, it does not represent the whole process. Because drug abuse impacts both the physical and mental health of the abuser, and because the problems associated with abuse often touch many areas of a person’s life, Canons uses an interdisciplinary approach to treatment. This approach makes available to the client the services of medical, mental health, social service, legal, and vocational and educational guidance specialists.

The treatment process at Canon is structured on the premise that people are mutually interdependent and the proposition that people working together in mutual respect toward a common goal can create the climate necessary to encourage and sustain the process of positive change to the individual.

At Canon Human Services, Brown Scapular Program, treatment and recovery become a family proposition. We care about each other.