Residential and outpatient treatment/recovery and supportive services at Canon Human Services are provided directly by the Brown Scapular Program staff made available through cooperating agencies, or by referral. Canon’s facility is accessible and its services accommodating to persons who are physically handicapped.

Individual Counseling

We offer expert individual, family, and peer group counseling. All sessions are held at our facility in a relaxed, safe environment. Our staff will work with you to begin putting your mental and physical health first again.

Residential Counseling Adult Male Only

For men who are seeking inpatient rehabilitation for drug or alcohol abuse, we offer residential counseling in a familiar, safe environment. Our patients are grouped with men going through similarly trying times, so recovery can be achieved in a comfortable atmosphere.

Outpatient Treatment for Adults Men and Women

For those seeking help with substance abuse that do not wish to commit to a residential facility, we do offer outpatient therapy as well. This is typically only recommended for mild abuse issues that are still in their early phases.

Group Therapy

When you’re going through a difficult battle with addiction, it’s best to not go it alone. We offer group therapy treatments that can focus on specific populations, such as senior citizens, different ethnicities or genders, and groups tailored around sexual preference. These units are better able to deal with the stresses that come with certain walks of life.

Co-occuring Disorder Treatment

Oftentimes, substance abuse issues do not come as a standalone problem. Co-occurring disorders, such as addiction paired with PTSD, depression, or anxiety are fairly common. At Canon, we offer treatments that are designed for these dynamic ailments.

After Care

Canon’s mission does not end with a participant’s completion of the treatment program. We provide continuing support during the critical period following treatment through our aftercare services, as we aim to ensure complete recovery for our patients.

Mental Health Referral Services

On your road to recovery, your mental health needs to be a paramount focus. At Canon, we can help you with an assessment that will refer you to a mental health professional who can best accommodate your needs.

Court Liaison Assistance

If your addiction issues have landed you in legal trouble, Canon proudly offers court liaison assistance. We’ll gladly communicate with the various agencies of the criminal justice system as you progress toward recovery.