Court Liaison Assistance

Canon Human Services has Court Liaison Assistance for you

If your addictions have led you to legal problems, Canon Human Services has Court Liaison Assistance for you. It’s pretty usual that substance abuse problems are linked to legal issues. We’re not here to judge anyone, and we’ll gladly communicate with the several agencies of the criminal justice system as you make your successful way to recovery.

The Court Liaison Program (CLP) incorporates the “no wrong door” philosophy. It offers the courtroom as an entry point for services. The goals of this program are to increase coordination and collaboration between the criminal justice and mental health systems, improve access to mental health services and enhance continuity of care.


What you need to know about Court Liaison Program

This recovery based programs serve adults with a mental illness or co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorder who are involved with the criminal justice system. It’s a collaboration between the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (DMH) and the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

The CLP not only aims to the person suffering addictions; it also seeks to provide ongoing support to families and to educate the community. Participation is voluntary, available for those who’re 18 and above, and the services include:

  • On-site courthouse outreach to defendants
  • Individual service needs assessments
  • Information to consumers and the Court of available treatment options
  • Development of diversion, alternative sentencing and post-release plans that take into account best fit treatment alternatives and Court stipulations
  • Linking of consumers to treatment programs and expedition of mental health referrals
  • Support and assistance to defendants and families in navigating the court system

Court Liaison Program staff coordinate and integrate services between the courts, the jails and community based treatment programs. In many of these cases, Canon Human Services has Court Liaison Assistance for you.

CLP’s particular focus on balancing the individual needs and the expectations of the judicial system.  They have a culture of collaboration within each courtroom, and they encourage values like hope, wellness and recovery to the criminal justice system as a whole.

Know that Canon Human Services has Court Liaison Assistance for you

Canon Human Services is a non-profit organization that’s been helping people overcome their addictions and all the problems related to them since 1988. We’re based is South Central Los Angeles, and we’ll gladly assist you. Please call at (323) 249-9097 and (323) 249 9121 or send us an email to

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