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Get the best Group Therapy in Los Angeles

If you’re going through substance abuse problems, you should consider get the best group therapy in Los Angeles. Canon Human Services Center has been providing aid to this problems since 1988. We’re a non-profit community service corporation located in South Central Los Angeles; an area of easy access for most of the people living in southern California.

At Canon Human Services Center (also known as Brown Scapular Program), we focus on mental health and substance abuse services. We provide substance abuse treatment and detoxification services. The programs are designed for different groups of people with mental and substance abuse disorders.


We provide groups for people with HIV / AIDS, gays and lesbians, pregnant / postpartum women, men, women, seniors / older adults, and criminal justice clients. We do this because we consider that the better the fit, the better the results.

Your recovery is our goal

We know how hard it is to fight addictions. People who abuse alcohol and other drugs usually can’t realize how harmful this situation is for their own body and mind. In addition, they are not either aware of how this affects their beloved ones. The whole experience is a heavy burden for anyone to take it alone.

For this reason, we make an effort for you to get the best group therapy in Los Angeles. We offer group therapy treatments that can focus on specific populations, like senior citizens, different ethnicities or genders, and groups tailored around sexual preference. Thus, our patients can deal with such stressful moments in a much successful way. Sharing their problems and issues with people in similar situations can make it much more downhill to achieve recovery.

The focus groups we create have the goal to create real comradery and company between their members. This, along with our professional’s guidance, reinforces the patient’s will to heal. In many cases it’s been proved that the support of a group can get quicker and more enduring results than an individual therapy.

Come to get the best group therapy in Los Angeles

Canon Human Services, through its Brown Scapular Program, has been helping people overcome chemical dependency and resolve drug-related problems since 1988. Our treatment approaches include Cognitive/behavioral therapy, Dialectical behavioral therapy, Substance abuse counseling approach, Rational emotive behavioral therapy.

To get more information about us and our therapies, call at (323) 249-9097 and (323) 249 9121 or send us an email to

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