Residential Counseling Adult Male Only

The Adult Male Only Residential Counseling for you

When it comes to a safe, healthy environment to treat your issues, Canon Human Services Center is the adult male only residential counseling for you. We offer residential counseling in a familiar and friendly environment. We create groups of male patients going through similar trying times. Thus, they feel more comfortable and can achieve recovery sooner.


Canon Human Services Center has been helping people overcome chemical dependency and resolve drug-related problems since 1988. We’re a non-profit community service corporation and provide drug-free counseling and support services both on an outpatient basis and in a residential setting.

Different alternatives for your therapy

We can help you get the Adult Male Only Residential Counseling for you through our Brown Scapular Program. We provide many different types of therapies depending on the need of our patients. Cognitive/behavioral therapy, Dialectical behavioral therapy, Substance abuse counseling approach and Rational emotive behavioral therapy are part of our program.

Our facilities are located in the South Central Los Angeles area, easily accessible for most people in southern California. We take care to provide a professional yet friendly environment for you to feel comfortable and heal. Sharing your problem with other men in similar situations is the principal trait of The Adult Male Only Residential Counseling for you.

Here’s The Adult Male Only Residential Counseling for you

Canon Human Services Center’s therapies are centered in counseling; especially if its group focused. Our goal is to help the individual to discover himself and examine his relationship with his problem and the people around him. Thus, he can find other alternatives to the life he’s been having. We know it’s a very difficult process but we know it’s achievable. Our counselors have a genuine interest and care for the patient and make an effort for him to change his life for good.

People are mutually interdependent and when they work together in a common goal, a process that otherwise might be downhill can be much bearable. We encourage that, and we take care the group members support each other, with the proper counseling of our professionals.

You can get more information of our facilities and treatments visiting our website . You can also call us at (323) 249-9097 and (323) 249 9121 or send us an email to . Our website also has a contact section that you can use to let us know all your questions and queries.

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