Outpatient Treatment for Adults Men and Women

We provide Outpatient Treatment for Adults Men and Women

At Canon Human Services, We provide Outpatient Treatment for Adults Men and Women seeking help with substance abuse. We pride ourselves in providing high quality therapy for everyone, no matter their gender or orientation. We know how rehab changes people life’s for good and how hard it is to recover; but we have the team, the knowledge and the experience to make it happen.

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Outpatient Treatment for Adults Men and Women is special for those who don’t wish to commit to a residential facility. Outpatient therapy is usually recommended for mild abuse issues that are still in their early phases. It’s less restrictive than inpatient programs and usually requires to visit our center approximately 10 to 12 hours a week.

How can we help you

People with problems of alcohol and other drugs abuse can’t usually see how they’re abusing their bodies, eroding their mental functioning and impairing their ability to relate with people around them. At the moment we provide outpatient treatment for adults men and women, we bring this issues into focus because it represents the core of the treatment and recovery process.

This treatment’s sessions focus on drug abuse education, individual or group counseling and teaching patients how to cope without their drug. For people with a mild addiction, it can be a good standalone option. In more complex cases, Outpatient Treatment for Adults Men and Women can be part of a long-term treatment program.

Know how we provide outpatient treatment for adults men and women

Canon Human Services provides therapies in compliance with Brown Scapular Program. Our treatment approaches include Cognitive/behavioral therapy, Dialectical behavioral therapy, Substance abuse counseling approach and Rational emotive behavioral therapy, among other techniques. This is a non-profit community service corporation located in South Central Los Angeles.

We’ve been helping people recover from chemical dependency and resolve drug-related issues since 1988. We provide drug-free counseling and support services both on an outpatient basis and in a residential setting. Our outpatient services are available for both men and women. Our professionals provide a human, caring treatment. We know how hard recovery is and our main focus is your health.

For more information call us at (323) 249-9097and (323) 249 9121, or send us an email to canonhsci@aol.com . You can also visit our website https://canonhumanservices.com and send us a message with all your queries and questions. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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