Time to Contact Your Addiction Treatment Center: 5 Signs You’re Heading For Relapse

time to contact your addiction treatment center  signs youre heading for relapse

For many people recovering from addiction, relapse is part of the journey. Keeping in mind that a substance abuse disorder is a disease, it makes sense that it might flare from time to time. However, the ultimate goal is permanent sobriety and that means knowing when the risk is there so that you can get help before it becomes a bigger problem. Below are the top 5 signs that it’s time to get in touch with your addiction treatment center to prevent a relapse.


New Life Stresses or Challenges

Everyone goes through stressful times or challenges in their life, but these can be especially tricky if you’re in recovery from a substance abuse disorder. This might be the death of a loved one or a breakup. These can even be parts of life that are positive, but that create stress as you make a transition. Examples include a new job or a new house. In either case, the responsibilities and emotions associated with the change put you at risk for a relapse, so it’s important to get help before it’s too late.


Backing Away From Recovery

Recovery is an ongoing process and something that is likely to be part of your life forever. That means sticking with your recovery efforts. Deprioritizing this work can send you back to unhealthy habits and could cause a relapse. It’s vital to include recovery efforts as part of  your normal routine, even when life gets busy.


Exchanging Your Addiction for Something Else

Many people make the mistake of replacing their addiction to drugs or alcohol with something else, often an activity or hobby they deem “better than drugs or alcohol.” If you find yourself spending unhealthy amounts of time playing video games, you are choosing unhealthy foods more often than not, or you’re doing anything else you have a hard time stepping away from, this is an indicator that you need backup from your addiction treatment center. 


Giving Yourself a Reward

Celebrating your progress is an important part of recovery, but if you are rewarding yourself with alcohol or drugs, even in small amounts, you aren’t sober and are putting yourself on the path to relapse. Yes, you should acknowledge your milestones during recovery, but it should be in a healthy and sober way, such as lunch with a friend or a new book at your favorite bookstore.
time to contact your addiction treatment center  signs youre heading for relapse


Contact Your Addiction Treatment Center if You Have Unhealthy Social Habits

Your environment and the people you spend time with absolutely have an impact on your sobriety. If you find yourself gravitating toward situations and friends from before your recovery, chances are higher that you’ll slip back into old habits. In that case, getting help can prevent a relapse. 


Your addiction treatment center is an imperative part of your recovery and staying in contact with us long term is important. If you feel that you are about to relapse, contact Canon Human Services Centers, Inc. today and we can help you stay on track with your sobriety and recovery journey. 

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