What to Expect of a Typical Day in an Addiction Treatment Center

Canon Human Services 01/30/24
Addiction Treatment Center

If you are committed to recovering from a substance abuse disorder, you may be considering an addiction treatment center. Naturally, if you’ve never been in such a place, you probably want to know what you can expect. In general, there’s a routine that is followed each day, which keeps your days ordered and allows you…

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How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Is Used To Treat Addiction

Canon Human Services 12/15/23
cognitive behavioral therapy

There are a variety of ways to treat addictions, but cognitive behavioral therapy is becoming an increasingly effective choice that many therapists choose for their clients. Why? The idea is that addiction is often accompanied by disordered thought patterns, similar to depression or anxiety, so treatment that works for the latter conditions, can also work…

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The Long-Term Benefit of an Addiction Treatment Service in Los Angeles

Canon Human Services 10/15/17

Deciding to get treatment for addiction is never an easy thing. People that are abusing alcohol or drugs may not realize the damage they are doing to themselves, let alone that they need to get professional help to end the cycle. It often takes the intervention of those closest to you to make you realize…

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